Care Instructions

A little bit of care can go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your beautiful new board.

Wash by hand, and dry promptly

Wood boards have a complicated relationship with water. Its ok to wash it, but the less water and soaps the board experience, the longer it can live.

Resin scratches

Cutting on the resin will cause it to scratch.

Oil your Board

Every 6 months, apply Sara's Art Corner care oil, or similar, to your board. The oil will help maintain and enhance your boards rich colors and help protect your boards from water and soaps.

You probably don't have any board oil laying around, but we do!

Register your board at the link below and we will send you a board care kit, consisting of a bottle of board oil a melamine polish and oiling rags. You can register your board for 45 days after your purchase. Limit 1 per household. Free shipping to Canada and USA only.

Register your Board